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Mis-Printed ABU Simple XLarge


Mis-Printed Simple XL Available for 15% OFF! Discount has already been applied.
*Mis-Printed Simple XL Ships out of our Baltimore Location

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MisPrinted Simple XLarge

Keeping Your Diaper Simple Has Never Been so Awesome!

How do you misprint a diaper with no print? We managed to do it!
Misprinted Simple XL are regular Extra Large Simple diapers that have accidentally had the "Large" Landing zone applied to them. Everything else is the same as usual so cash in on our mistake and enjoy 15% OFF Extra Large Simple Diapers!

Let’s keep it simple, or not! The choice is 100% yours with ABU’s Simple diapers. We made sure anyone with a passion for creativity can enjoy these diapers as a personal blank canvas and design what they want to wear! You can choose to keep it classy as well and enjoy the clean and vintage look of an all-white diaper.

The smooth texture and classic crinkle of our all-plastic back are checking off the must-haves in a diaper lover’s premium choice. We add our own special bonuses like customizing with our diaper stickers, front and back elastic, super tall leak guards, and a quick absorbing 5000mL capacity core. We’re bringing a touch of modern to simple-white diapers with our, and some of your own, ABU flair!

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