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Mixed Sample Box


Mixed Sample Packs all ship from our Baltimore location.

10 Assorted Diapers Per Sample Box!


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ABU Mixed Sample Box

AB-Who? New Customer? First Timer? Crinkly Curious? We've got the perfect padded introduction for you!

We have a number of different fits across our awesome diaper ranges and we know that to the new waddler it can be hard to land on your perfect pamp first time. With this in mind, we have put together an 'Intro to ABU' box to help you find your feet and take those first baby steps with our products in perfect (and convenient!) crinkly comfort!

Each babby box contains ten of our awesome diapers, grouped by size and made up of the following mixes*:

  • Small - Simple, Pre-School Plastic Edition, Pre-School Cloth Backed Edition, & Super Dry Kids.
  • Medium - BareBums, DinoRawrZ, PeekABU, BunnyHopps 4 Tape Edition, & Kiddo.
  • Large - BareBums, DinoRawrz, Pre-School Cloth Backed Edition, PeekABU, BunnyHopps 4 Tape Edition, & Kiddo.
  • XLarge - Simple, PreSchool Plastic Edition, PeekABU, BunnyHopps 4 Tape Edition & LittlePawz.

We hope that this cool new way to try a range of our pamps all at once will help those new to ABU or the community get settled right in and give you more time to focus on perfecting that tape job and get on with looking adorbz!

*Some boxes may have minor variations in the product mix.
**These boxes are pre-built and we are unable to accommodate requests for changes.
***The ABU Intro boxes only ship from our Baltimore location and so may arrive separately from the rest of your order.

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