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$8.99 - $247.99
Scenting Cost: $1 - $12

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Adorably-Shy Friends On Our Most Absorbent Diaper Ever!

Peekaboo! I see you! Some babies are a little bit shy, and we think that's super cute, so we just had to put a little bit of that adorable shyness on our brand new ultra-premium diaper.

ABU is proud to present PeekABU, a diaper that is so adorable and absorbent you'll always have a smile and stay dry longer! Shy and ultra-cute animal characters make a big appearance on PeekABU's landing zone, just at the right height to peek over and say hello! With a newly designed diaper shell featuring a thinner and lighter construction, super quick-absorb core, never give up tapes, and amazing 7500ml capacity, your worry days for diapers that can't keep up with you are over!

*Get a $5 Gift Code For Every 2 Sample Diapers of any brand In your Cart
*Discount Code will appear on your shipped invoice

*This diaper WILL cause waddling when decently wet!

PeekABU Diaper Features

NOTICE: Use of baby oil, lotions or similar products can cause issues with glues across our diaper brands; including joints, seams, tape panels, tapes and inks on our diapers with external prints. To maximize your enjoyment of ABU diapers we suggest you use these sparingly and avoid external application. ABU does not cover damages resulting from oils/lotions.

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