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PeekABU Hats


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PeekABU Hats

Wear adorably shy characters for the ultimate cuteness swag!

This is EPIC! Now your favorite Peekabu characters have some seriously awesome and wearable style. Introducing PeekABU Hats!

You can sport your favorite PeekABU characters on a super stylish snapback hat that is fashionable and sooo super cute. Show off your ABU pride with some insanely cute swag, wearing these shy little characters never has never been so easy or versatile for your everyday outfits.

With each of the four PeekABU characters to choose from, you can collect all four hats and wear a different character every day! It’s easy to feel like you’re a part of the ABU club, and the best part is, only ABU fans know who you’re really representing!

Buy all 4 hat styles at once and receive 1 free!
*Simply select 4-pack when purchasing

*Warning: Wearing PeekABU Hats causes tons of cuteness related attention, please wear responsibly.

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