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ABUniverse Patches

ABUniverse Patches

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ABU Patches

Iron on some fun!

Do your playtime pants have holes in the knees from too many games of tag? ABU Patches have you (and your knees) covered! Our patches are made BIG for enhanced cuteness, averaging 12.5cm at their widest. These sick threads are sure to be noticed wherever you apply them! With strong, heat activated adhesive you can feel at ease knowing that once they are ironed-on they are ready to roll through all the rough and tumble your littles can handle.

Our RAWRSOME Dino crew is having a hit comeback for the first release of our patch line up. Bright, brilliant, and totally bab, the patches are available singly or as a set will bring a touch of too-cool-toddler to any item of clothing, every diaper bag and more!

Remember to ask for help with applying pins or ironing patches, kiddos! We don't want any tears or hurt little paws because you've tried to do this all by your big babby self! For step-by-step instructions on applying a patch, See our instructions below:

Iron-On Patch Application:

  • Patches are best applied using a hot iron.
  • Heat your iron to the polyester setting - this should be the setting below cotton on most irons. If your iron only has heat adjustments set it to 10% from maximum
  • Place your patch on the item you want to apply it to in the exact spot you want to apply it.
  • Place a piece of scrap material or baking parchment over the patch, this will avoid searing the patch with the iron while applying it.
  • Once your iron is heated press it down on the fabric covering the patch for 10-15 seconds without moving the iron. Moving the iron at this stage can shift the patch.
  • After the first press gently pass the iron from side to side over the patch, applying firm and even pressure. The total time with the iron pressed down should be 1-2 minutes to ensure the glue has properly melted and bonded to the fabric.
  • After the first application, wait 5 minutes for the area to cool, then check that all the edges of your patch have been properly sealed down, none should lift off. If areas do lift off you can do another pass with the iron at this stage.
  • Once applied, wait 1 full hour before wearing or moving the patch as the glue needs to fully set.

To read more about our pin and patch release, and how we created these swell new pieces of swag with the help of PoofyPins, Click Here!

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